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Remember that resolution you made four months ago? Go to the gym more, learn a new language, read more books… How are you going with that? I made resolutions for 2015 and like many have failed – that’s ok – I’ve been busy.

But here’s the thing about resolutions, often, they get pushed to the bottom of our priorities and are lost in the noise of life, with family, work, and procrastinating…Netflix is certainly getting in the way of my goals these days!

One of my resolutions for 2015 was to write more… fast forward 4 months to April and here we are – my first blog for the year.

One of the main reasons we drop things off our lists is the lack of accountability surrounding the goals. At the end of the day – your boss isn’t going to stand over your desk and say “Steve – I need you to go to the gym by end of the day.” so you are left on your own to ensure you deliver your commitments. Hey bosses… maybe you should be saying that!?

One of my passions outside of my professional career is Soccer. I play it religiously – Training Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. But if it wasn’t for the accountability and loyalty that is generated by my commitment to my teammates, I do question if I would still be drawn to the game to the same level. I doubt I would train on my own three nights a week – regardless of how enjoyable the experience was.

Have a think about your own personal goals – is there something that you have been putting off because something is getting in the way? Is there someone that you can partner up with that will make sure you deliver on a promise?

That’s where you come in… I need your help. I’m going to make a commitment now to write regularly – lets say once a fortnight to begin with, but I need you all to hold me accountable. If you see me slipping – ask me how I’m going with my blog. It might be the boost I need.

Need someone to hold you accountable for something? Give me a yell on Twitter – @forbze – I’ll see how I can help!

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Written by forbze